Sunday, June 14, 2009

The Belly Shots

Here we go, less than 100 days left!
But, at our appointment last week the Dr says we are keeping Sept 27th as our due date even though the ultrasound shows we have the 20th as our due date. She said our baby might just be bigger. I'm sticking with the 20th just because it makes me feel better and it's based on measurements rather than an estimated date. Plus who wants to add an extra week to their pregnancy? Here are some belly shots and other pregnancy photos:
January 20th - I suspect something is up and find out I'm right. This picture shows it all in my face. Excited, shocked, happy, worried, shocked, happy plus I think I was shaking a little. One of the most significant moments of my life.

Skipping to May 5, 2009. I finally felt like my belly was really starting to show.

My mothers day photo (May 10, 2009) The blue top is so appropriate even though I didn't know we were having a boy yet.

A few days back (25 weeks ) June 12, 2009. I can't believe in one month how much bigger I am. I'm wearing the stretchy pants all the time now :)

Here are my likes and dislikes about being pregnant so far:
I've been really breaking out bad and it does not seem to be going away. My favorite comments have been, "What happened to your face" and "Do you try to eat lots of fresh fruits and vegetables and stay away from fast food." You can imagine what I feel like saying back, but I just smile and thank them for being so kind to bring it to my attention.
The abdomen pains keep getting worse. Today I feel like I can hardly stand up strait, but feel miserable laying in bed.
It is all worth it though, because I'm really excited for my baby!

Likes and Loves:
I love feeling him kick and even when his kicks keep getting harder and wake me up, it makes me happy to know he's growing.
I love thinking about him and our future. Baby clothes almost always make me cry. I really can't wait to see him, hold him and experience being a mom and watch David be a father. These are the good things in life!