Sunday, September 23, 2007

Fall Time

How could I not get excited about our little rain storm here in Long Beach. It has been unforgivingly hot for the past month, and finally the first signs of Fall have appeared. Here are some reasons why I’m excited for Fall:
  • More Rain! I love listening to it, watching it, and getting wet in it.

  • The typical scenery of an often mucky California skyscape is filled with billowy clouds after a rainstorm.

  • Being cuddled simply because it’s colder outside.

  • General Conference

  • Fall leaves, need I say more.

  • Hot Chocolate at Starbucks

  • David & I increasing our trips to Barnes & Noble with our Starbucks.

  • My cat Tinkerbell’s new fall coat (so puffy)!

  • Halloween & Thanksgiving

  • Sweaters and pulling out the warmer clothes.

  • Sitting in front of the fireplace with loved ones.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Grandma Gray

Aunt Vonda & Grandma Gray

Finally, I can say that I’m feeling settled into my new schedule. It has been three weeks into the semester and one week at my new job. In fact, I’m so settled that Disneyland is definitely on my mental, “what to do next list” for one of these evenings. My next challenge will be convincing David to go, but he always loves it once I get him there. In my classes I’ve lucked out with some great teachers. One teacher is retired and has officially canceled almost half of the classes. This is something worth smiling about! The other class is Gerontology where I will have to write a 17 page paper on someone over 65. I’ve already asked my 91 year old Grandma Gray if she would let me interview her, and of course she said yes. My grandma had my mom later in life and so it’s always seemed like a generation was skipped in our family. This gap in age has been a blessing, as I’ve had and known my grandma who grew up in such an awesome era. An era where they went from riding horses to seeing man travel to the moon! This paper will be a great opportunity to record her life story and possibly give it to family members! Here are a few pictures of an amazing and beautiful woman.

At her 90th last year and still going strong!

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Tiffeny & Daniel

Last night David and I went to Tiffeny Wieck and Daniel Ives wedding reception. They are such a gorgeous couple (as you can see from the picture). They looked so happy and it was fun watching them dance and enjoy their guests. The best part was when she tossed the bouquet. It hit the ceiling and broke into many pieces, which I've never seen anyone do. I think all brides should try and achieve hitting the ceiling with their bouquet, because it was so cute watching all of the little girls pick up the flowers. Anyway - I'm so excited for them and what a wonderful future they have ahead of themselves. I love receptions, especially now that David and I have ours a few years behind us. You finally get to see every ones efforts payed off, and the best part is watching the couple celebrate their first day together as husband and wife!

Thursday, September 13, 2007

To blog or not to blog...

To blog or not to blog... I've debated for sometime if blogging is right for me. I will admit that looking at others blogs, usually complete strangers has been my motivation to start. It has been all of the wonderful photos and interesting articles that have got me hooked. For some reason blogging reminds me of small town life where everyone is in your business but in a nonintrusive way. Anyway - enough about that. At the moment I am lacking a camera, due to the infamous Canon E18 error. So I will have to write more and post older pictures for a while until my camera is replaced. As for something significant about my day, I started a new job! Everyone was so nice plus there is even a gym, but now I have a complete headache. So, I’m sitting here eating chocolate chips and thinking about all of the acronyms that Flame Engineers use hoping that my head will hurt a little less for tomorrow.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007


I found this image titled 9/11 Victims at I still hold back tears when I think of that day six years ago, and perhaps always will. Posting this image is my meager way of paying tribute to those who lost their lives. Images are so powerful and a quilt of so many faces puts into perspective just how much our lives changed on 9/11/01. WE WILL NEVER FORGET.