Sunday, December 28, 2008


This is a little look at somethings we did for the Holidays
Getting ready for Christmas brunch

Jackie and I sat by the fire a lot

It was Audrey's First Christmas and oh so fun!

We opened some presentsMy big confession is that I started reading the Twilight books. I was not going to touch them because they didn't sound like something I would like, but I'm finishing the third book tonight. This is back on Thanksgiving when it all started.

My mom and John my brother

Jackie looking so festive

and of course a work Christmas Party

Sunday, December 21, 2008

December 18, 2004

Four years ago David and I were married in the LA Temple

I married him because he is a good man with a wonderfully loving heart...

...and mostly because I loved him and knew that would never stop

To celebrate our anniversary we stayed local at a Laguna Beach Hotel and yes, did my favorite thing which is looking at the water, tide pools and sitting on the rocks. Here are some pictures from our 4 year celebration.

We had hot chocolate to keep us warm

Beautiful background and beautifully clear water

We had the beach almost all to ourselves and loved every minute together.
Love you David

2008 Family Pictures

Kellie thank you again!!
Here is one of our family pictures of the girls! I'm so lucky to have such wonderful and beautiful sister in-laws and niece!! I will get copies of the other pictures and will post some more soon :)
Clockwise starting at the top (Me, Amy, Audrey, Sarah and Rachel)

Wednesday, December 17, 2008


We had family pictures taken by Kyle's sister Kellie a few days back, which I am very excited to see. Thank you Kellie!!
I couldn't resist getting our own camera out to get a few pictures of Audrey after the photo session.
If I had a Christmas wish, I think it would be to keep Audrey - she is just so adorable.
Here I am with my guy!

and beautiful Audrey again!