Sunday, June 15, 2008

Walk at the Park

Our little outing to the park
He just couldn't resist climbing a tree - trying to be his young self once again.

Here he is victorious!
I seem to be getting a lot of pictures like this lately - does anyone else have this problem?


Another failed attempt to get a picture together. He's just trying to figure out why I'm wallowing on him and taking pictures (poor guy)

Much Better


Hoskins Family said...

David, It's great to see our former HT, All Grown up and Married. Tell you mom and sisters Hello! Love Daleen Hoskins and Family

Doreen Averill Smith said...

Julie, what a cute blog, Shelby set me up with one and I am working on it. I still haven't hooked up with your mom but I am looking forward to a long talk. Give her a hug for me.