Sunday, December 28, 2008


This is a little look at somethings we did for the Holidays
Getting ready for Christmas brunch

Jackie and I sat by the fire a lot

It was Audrey's First Christmas and oh so fun!

We opened some presentsMy big confession is that I started reading the Twilight books. I was not going to touch them because they didn't sound like something I would like, but I'm finishing the third book tonight. This is back on Thanksgiving when it all started.

My mom and John my brother

Jackie looking so festive

and of course a work Christmas Party


Rick and Angelia said...

Happy Anniversary to you guys also! We picked a great day to get married on! :)
Cute Christmas photos! I miss you guys!
I'm glad you're reading the Twilight series, I loved them!

淮安掼蛋(淮安惯蛋) said...

See you in these things, I think, I started feeling good!
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Sarah W. said...

Love your post! It was great to enjoy you over the break! Glad you guys made the rounds for Christmas, thanks for the effort. About halfway through book #3 myself and loving every line!! Love you two!!! xo

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