Thursday, August 26, 2010

First ear ache, fever and molar

Ryan got his first ear ache, first fever and first molar all in the past few weeks. There is a first time for everything, and not all "firsts" are that great. After some hard days he is taking naps non-stop today, which has led me to some great free-time :)

Feeling better after his high fever went away
Checking to make sure all five fingers are still there after chewing on them.We went to Grandma's Kindergarten class and had a crazy good time counting.
Outside before sunset keeping cool.
Following the hoseReady for another nap


Tawni Edwards said...

Wow, those aren't fun firsts. You have a very handsome baby boy. I am glad I found your blog through Aaron and Marly's.

Lacy said...

He's so cute I just want to squish his cheeks!!!

Melinda said...

he is sooo adorable! how old is he now???