Thursday, September 20, 2007

Grandma Gray

Aunt Vonda & Grandma Gray

Finally, I can say that I’m feeling settled into my new schedule. It has been three weeks into the semester and one week at my new job. In fact, I’m so settled that Disneyland is definitely on my mental, “what to do next list” for one of these evenings. My next challenge will be convincing David to go, but he always loves it once I get him there. In my classes I’ve lucked out with some great teachers. One teacher is retired and has officially canceled almost half of the classes. This is something worth smiling about! The other class is Gerontology where I will have to write a 17 page paper on someone over 65. I’ve already asked my 91 year old Grandma Gray if she would let me interview her, and of course she said yes. My grandma had my mom later in life and so it’s always seemed like a generation was skipped in our family. This gap in age has been a blessing, as I’ve had and known my grandma who grew up in such an awesome era. An era where they went from riding horses to seeing man travel to the moon! This paper will be a great opportunity to record her life story and possibly give it to family members! Here are a few pictures of an amazing and beautiful woman.

At her 90th last year and still going strong!

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