Saturday, September 15, 2007

Tiffeny & Daniel

Last night David and I went to Tiffeny Wieck and Daniel Ives wedding reception. They are such a gorgeous couple (as you can see from the picture). They looked so happy and it was fun watching them dance and enjoy their guests. The best part was when she tossed the bouquet. It hit the ceiling and broke into many pieces, which I've never seen anyone do. I think all brides should try and achieve hitting the ceiling with their bouquet, because it was so cute watching all of the little girls pick up the flowers. Anyway - I'm so excited for them and what a wonderful future they have ahead of themselves. I love receptions, especially now that David and I have ours a few years behind us. You finally get to see every ones efforts payed off, and the best part is watching the couple celebrate their first day together as husband and wife!

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Amy & Kyle said...

Oh, I don't remember them. They are a super cute couple though!