Sunday, November 25, 2007

Holiday Cheer!

I’ve been busy with the holidays and homework and haven’t had time to post anything new. These pictures will range from last night all the way to Halloween.

David and I were heading to Laguna Beach to walk by the water, and got sidetracked with a new art festival we hadn’t seen yet. If you’ve been to the Sawdust festival in summer time, we discovered that they have a
winter version. We loved the sawdust on the floors, Santa, snow for kids, trees decorated mostly by kids, and lots of art ranging from very good to very amateur, but still fun! It was one of our best unexpected dates of the year, and only 5.75 per person plus hot chocolates!

Festival Pictures!

Oh, I can't forget my early Christmas jacket from David!
Super cute and makes me feel extra prepared for the holidays!

Halloween pictures are next! We didn’t have any good Thanksgiving pictures due to the disposable camera. Still, we had a wonderful time spent with family at my grandma’s house.

Jackie my little sister and I with the pumpkins we carved!
Hers is much better than mine, thanks David for helping!

Johnathan my big brother with his very funny pumkin!
Those teeth and little eyes had everyone cracking up!
Finally, pictures from Kelly’s wedding shower. It was at Shelley's beautiful house. She is a very talanted hostess and cook! This was really the best shower ever! As you can see, we made very fun wedding dresses out of tissue!
Kristi, Kacey, and Kellie (Such beautiful brides)!

Kristi in her very cute tissue dress and me!


Amy & Kyle said...

Yeah!!! New pics!!!

I love those pics of the sawdust festival... winter style! Now I have a better idea of how it was.

I can't remember if I remembered Jackie's name on the shower invite! Please know that she is invited too!!!

Those Halloween pics. are SO cute! I love John's pumpkin!!!!!

Jason, Alyson, Kaci and Brynley said...

Cute pictures Julia!! Love your new coat too...very cute!

Jason, Alyson, Kaci and Brynley said...

Update, Update, Update my friend!hehe:) Hope you guys had a terrific holiday!

Ryan & Candice Nelson said...

Hey Julia, it's Candice from Buena Park! You and David look so happy together that is great! Just wanted to say hello, and tell Jonathan and David hello also! Candice (Martin) Nelson. Glad to see oyu're doing so well :)