Sunday, November 4, 2007

My Little Mushy Blog

For the mushy at heart, I’m dedicating this blog to David my very loving husband. Since this is for him, by all means feel free to skip it and scroll ahead if this embarrasses you. After all this will be my little brag session about David.

A Few Reasons Why I’m in Love with David
  • He’s an original article. Just like Johnny Cash had his own thing going on, the same could be said about David. This guy isn’t changing anytime soon.
  • His thoughtful cards. David could be a writer if he chose. If you’ve ever gotten a card from him, than you know what I mean. It is a mixture of eloquence and humor so uniquely his own. I’m getting a little collection of these and I love it!
  • He lets me be myself, and thinks my strange jokes are hilarious. I don’t even think my jokes are that great.
  • His surprises – I never know when I’m going to be asked to open a Christmas Present or Birthday Present a few months early.
  • His natural artistic ability. He was drawing three dimensionally way too young. If he’d been around during the Middle Ages, the art scene would have revolutionized sooner.
  • The way that he talks about me in front of others. It’s sometimes embarrassing, but I’ve grown to like it.
  • His want for good things for our family both spiritually and temporally.

  • His willingness to shop for me. I really dislike clothes shopping and so about 90% of my clothes were picked out by David. What a guy!

  • He puts up with my own bouts of creativity, when I transform the entire house into my art studio for months. I guess that's not really a bout then.

  • Finally, the way he looks at me like I’m the most precious thing in the world to him, and then tells me so.

After having a conversation with someone about mushy blogs and how much we dislike them and would need to be challenged to write them, I’ve decided to send out the challenge. If you read this, feel free to write your own “Little Mushy Blog.”


Jason, Alyson, Kaci and Brynley said...

Ahhh, how sweet! You guys are just the cutest together, can't believe its already been almost 3 yrs. for you, time flys when your having fun and in love!

Trena said...

I love mushy blogs! It's just nice to know that people out there in the world love their husbands and their husbands love them too. I feel the same way about my husband. :)

_sarahgray said...

This blog was so sweet!! David really cares about you! I think I'm going to write my own "mushy blog" but it won't compare to yours!!

carrfamily4 said...

Hey Julia,
I think it is awesome that you brag about your hubby. Thats what we are supposed to do right. Anyway lets try to get together soon. we love to connect with old friends. call me so we can get together. We are in Long Beach also. So my number is 562-319-3347
talk to ya soon

julesttdmom said...

Tell David that I don't know if I can write anything mushy about Jason wink!
Presley fam

Amy & Kyle said...

Excuse're making me look bad!!! Dave's such a lucky guy!!!

_sarahgray said...

Hello! I got your blog comment--that's a bummer about Dave working on Thanksgiving :( how long will he be working, and I'm excited! I get to see you all! and TURKEY!!! YAAA!