Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Nothing Like a Good Book or Shake

There is no time for blogging when you find a good book!! I couldn't put down The Kite Runner. If you read it and can get past the sad parts you will know why this is such a wonderfully inspiring book. I will be thinking about this one for a long time. I looked up the author and plan on getting his second book soon. I'm hooked and now have a greater interest in Afghanistan.

Now, for those in Southern California, how did you like the little shake or big shake depending on where you were. I was in Huntington Beach in my work parking lot and the quake stopped me from walking as all of the cars moved in unison. Then the car alarms went off.

Let's be honest, at least it wasn't the BIG one!!

for more info on the big one, click here


Kellie said...

haha, you're funny, "the BIG one"!! I love it! I was shopping at Khols when the quake hit. The fire alarm went off and they made everyone evacuate so I just left and came back after work, haha!

Amy & Kyle said...

I was getting ice outta the refrigerator and I thought it was gonna explode...it took me so long to realize it wasn't the fridge shaking, it was an earthquake.

Barnes Family said...

Hey Julia! I saw your blog on Rick and Angelia's! You guys are too cute!
As for the quake, YIKES!!! I don't remember much about the days we lived in Oakland but I do remember the house shaking. It's not a fun experience.

Ryan & Candice Nelson said...

I wish we were there, I miss those quakes! My husband's never felt one, he's missing out on some fun.