Sunday, September 14, 2008

I'm loving...

I'm loving this guy! I'm also loving and thanking Rachel for giving him such a great hair cut. Thank you!!

I'm loving that David and I just finished talking in church! To find out what we spoke about click here .

I've also been loving some of these lately (random, I know). Probably because I've been reading more about this.

Of course, I'm always loving her


Amy & Kyle said...

We are LOVING this post!!! You are too cute and we're also loving David's new "DO"! We are loving you guys too!!!

Amy & Sarah & Rachel

Amy & Kyle said...

We are also loving this song that's playing right now! You really can pick em !!!!

Kellie said...

What a great topic to speak on!! Lucky ducks! You're my idol for being so healthy! I'm trying to get into that lifestyle... Who is that woman in the picture?? Is that your grandma? She's so sweet!

Julia Loves David said...

We love you all too ♥
Yes, that is my very sweet 92 year old grandma ☺