Sunday, September 28, 2008

Out to Sea

We headed out to sea yesterday for a little day cruise on the SS Lane Victory. It was a beautifully foggy day which seemed to add to the historic character of the old cargo ship's history.

We loved the ocean air,

but the best part was spending time together!

Although, David did get a little crazy through the day

See what I mean?

No worries, I love this guy Instead, I just keep my cool and kept on sailing!

oh wait, maybe we all got a little crazy at sea, but you weren't suppose to know that (lol)


Amy & Kyle said...

WOWZA!!!!!! SUUUUper cute pictures!!! I would loove to do that some day with Audrey! What a hot little couple!

Amy & Kyle said...

Oh darling pictures! Thank you for that special b-day shout out! I love you too!


Sarah W. said...

well I don't know about you but I am certain that David felt like he had died and gone to heaven! It looks like you had great weather that day which can make such a difference. Glad to see you guys getting some time away together from your busy schedules.

Anonymous said...

Julia is the vision that thousands of sea men drempt as they gazed over the ocean's blue.
Under the night time sky, full of stars, under the moon's light, Julia's light would keep the course right, for her love's might drives out fright and helps the tired man continue the fight.
She is where Heaven meets earth, stars reflect off the moon, the ocean meets land, and a man meets a beautiful woman's welcoming hand. Her open arms, and gentle solice beats the shore like the ocean's malice, leaving only peace once more. On that shore, where she stands, love awaits. Ocean's fury abates when her ray settles on where the gates of Magellan's straits await.
Julia is my home. She is at the end of a tired man's ocean's roam, over the sea foam, across that starry dome, more inviting than a Villa in Rome, that is where my heart finds home.
Under the protection of her hands fire is iced, thunder and rains meet rainbows and sunshine, clouds open to sunlight, and crashing waves give way to a warm beacon's firelight.
A moveing masterpiece, she dances, clattering and shattering, the crests and falls give an artistic spattering upon this oceanic gathering. Across the waves her image prances. Inside their hearts her many faces are entranced.
A masterpiece, many an ocean man has painted her, across his heart and across the sky. He paints her image on the ocean's blue, and in the nightime too, for many the lonesome seaman's brush was stirred, but alas in the morning's light only blurred.
Upon the moon was seen her face, a palet was at once cast, past the ship's mast, a canvas was set, then no one would bet where a man's heart didn't wander.
In that masterpiece forever hope is found, under her grace forever for the human race, there are no bounds. Like a cast line of rope she is that ray of hope.
A masterpiece through the ocean's spray, the vision needed for that man's decision, to live to see her in another vision.
Yours Truly and Forever, David

Kellie said...

That picture with the rainbow in the spraying water was AWESOME!!! I loved it all!

Ryan & Candice Nelson said...

That looks like so much fun!