Sunday, January 4, 2009

Happy New Year!

Can I doubt that it will be a great new year when it starts out like this?

I promise that John is only drinking Sparkling Cider, or all of us for that matter.

I love having my cousins, Sarah and Ari around

Sarah and Dan

Here is Ari and Jeremy setting up the fun game we played

We didn't have fireworks, but we made our own noise!

Punch drunk and full of fun, Happy New Year Everyone


sarah said...

what a great new year! great photos :)
hope to see you guys again soon

Presley family said...

Looks like tons of fun! Happy New year!!! BIG HUGS!

Kellie said...

happy happy new year!!! <3

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corey g. said...

Julie & David!!

Wow, so good to hear from you guys!! I totally wish I coulda made it down there to hang out for the holidays (you're welcome to come up to visit up here ANYTIME!).

Wow, and you've been blogging, too! that's totally awesome. Like what I've read so far. Awesome pictures!

Well, hope all is well down there & hope to see you all soon!

Your cuz,


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