Friday, October 26, 2007


I’ve been tagged, so here’s six exciting and interesting things about me. Perhaps I will expound another time, but for now I will spare you by making this a semi quick list.

1. I am a descendent of Lady Godiva. Hooray for protesting in the nude! This protest wasn't quite the exhibitionist event that people might mistakenly think it was. You should read about it.
2. “I was born and raised in Vernal. I’ve got minerals in my bones. I’ve got a lot of grit and little bit of it on the bottom of my soles.” - Camp Song
3. I get told often that I have a nice accent by people with accents. People also ask me what country I am from. I’m always puzzled by this, do I have an accent?
4. Cheese is the best! This is probably my favorite food. I use to pretend I was a mouse and nibble little pieces when I was really little.
5. I was an Alice in Wonderland kind of kid growing up. I still want a little wooden chest like the rabbit had with treats in it that say, “Eat Me, Eat Me, Eat Me...”
6. I’m madly in love with David! Oh, but you already new that didn’t you?

I’m tagging everyone on my list, I will be checking.


Jason, Alyson, Kaci and Brynley said...

I used to love watching that Alice in Wonderland with the actual people and Alice actually ate little cakes that said "Eat Me" it! Thanks for playing...Have a great and safe Halloween!

Amy & Kyle said...

I love your list!!!! CUTE!!!

I need your email address so I can email you pictures of David at Halloween!!!

Trena said...

I am going to do mine right now! I loved reading yours!!

Love, Lacy said...

The accent thing is so funny...I've been told the same thing.