Saturday, November 22, 2008

(scaring the birds away) I love walks with my family at the beach and looking at the tide pools. I especially love going to the beach in cooler weather because you basically get the beach to yourself. I just wonder why hardly anyone was there. Are the malls or crowds of people really that appealing?

Here's my mom

I guess I'm fluffing my hair

Ohhh - the little crab is so cute, but mad and blowing bubbles

Poking around at sea anemones

Another crab that John my brother caught

The End


Sarah W. said...

I to love the beach when it is cold, it forces whom ever you are with to hold you for warmth! People for the most part are trail horses. Way to enjoy the beauty of what is right under our nose! xo

Amy & Kyle said...

Ohhh, such a cute post and such a cute bunch! I love that first pic of you!

sarah said...

Hey Julia it's Sarah- I made a new blog :D
send me photos from New Years!
love ya

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