Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Last comment on Halloween

The original Mini and Mickey

So, I was thinking while looking at all of the cute costumes on Halloween that my mom was pretty creative and talented when it came to Halloween when I was a kid. All costumes designed (above) or sewn (below) by her loving hands. I only hope someday when I have kids to bring the same love and fun to Halloween that my mom did.

John being bloody(12) , Jackie as Belle (4), Me as a Jester(10)
Our family loves this picture because it was the Halloween before Jackie got sick. Yes, feel free to laugh at me all you want!


Sarah W. said...

Your mom is so talented! I can't even sew a button. My mom said that your mom looked really cute on halloween too.

Rick and Angelia said...

Aww these old picts are great! Hey I am changing my blog setting to private and need your email address so I can add you. You can email it to me at Thanks! Hope all is good for you guys! Rick really enjoyed getting to see everyone!