Sunday, October 7, 2007

Knott's Scary Farm

Creepy! This is how much David enjoys Halloween.

Here is a link to Sarah’s Blog for pictures – Scary Farm Pictures

Last Friday, David and I officially kicked off the festivities for Halloween with Sarah and Dan. Knott’s Scary Farm was our destination to see if we could get a good scare. Realize that I’m not even into scary movies usually, and David has been trying to get me to go for the past five years. Perhaps, it was through these years of avoidance that my curiosity finally grew. It was now me asking David if we could go. David was shocked, surprised, and maybe even excited as he is the expert when it comes to everything and anything Halloween. As we walked through the fog, I think I was the most scared out of anyone in our group. Although, Sarah did have to deal with the creepy clown that seemed to really like her. The mazes were the best with unexpected themes like Grudge II (very creepy, I couldn’t even handle the first movie). If you decide to go, realize that the scariest thing about Knott’s is the large groups of teenagers that fill every square inch of the park. Thanks Sarah and Dan for a fun night!


Amy & Kyle said...

Those Scary Farm pics are too cute! I looove the pic of you guys in your costumes too!

Our conference party was so fun!

DossFamily said...

How fun! I haven't been there since I was like 12. I think I might have a heart attack if I went now! I would probably be sleeping somewhere at like 11:00pm though, so I wouldn't last very long! Nice picture!

Amy & Kyle said...

I go on your blog just to listen to your tunes!!!!

Jason, Alyson, Kaci and Brynley said...

How fun!! I remember the Knotts Scary Farm the costumes too! I can't believe how fast Halloween has come this year! We love Genereal Conference too...being able to stay home with the kiddos in jammies is always a fun thing!

Tatiana said...

Great work.