Thursday, October 4, 2007


A week and a half and I’ve not had a chance to post something new. Here’s a thorough look into my past week and a half.
9/24 Went to school and learned that by putting Vaseline on goggles you can simulate what it might feel like to have cataracts when you’re an older adult. Gotta love college!

9/25 Celebrated Beverly’s Birthday- My very wonderful mother-in-law, the most genuinely nice person you’ll ever meet. Love her Tonzs (and her son)!!

David & Beverly

9/28 Checked out the Fall decorations with my mom and sister Jackie at Disneyland. Finally, made it on the Finding Nemo ride.

9/29 Painted a bedroom(after getting three layers of wallpaper off previously). David helped a lot!

9/29 Took a fun break to go out to eat with family, provided Dan and Sarah suggested a great place to eat near their place in HB. Love them!!

Dan & my cousin Sarah (sorry I nabbed the photo)

10/1 Called AAA when David’s key got lost in the Ocean. Found out his key has a computer chip in it, and $120 dollars later drove home. (My super surfer boss said she’s done this twice – we don’t feel bad anymore).
Finally, I went to work, Mon.-Fri. Flammability Rocks!


_sarahgray said...

hey! I got your text but forgot to respond! today has been a horrible day for me, me and Dan are in a fight :( i'll probably post something about it when i have some more free time, love you guys!

Amy & Kyle said...

That goggle thing is hilarious! What an eventful week!