Friday, October 31, 2008

Halloween Night

Jackie was Cristina from Phantom of the Opera

I braided my hair and put on all of my pow wow stuff & flannel shirt (3 minute costume). I'm still not sure if I ended up being anything.

Beverly brought Little Audrey out to join us for the Trick or Treating. Audrey kept control of her vehicle at all times, but sometimes did not keep her eyes on the road.

While out, something was lurking in the bushes.

No worries, it was just prop 8 John and Army David. Both with their own agendas.

Here are my not so long braids. You can't really see them.
รถ Jackie & Mom

" John and Jackie

! The Mr and Mrs.


Amy & Kyle said...

OOOOOh so and david are just too cute!!! You are just darling and David looks awesome as usual. Jackie's make up is sooo awesome and what a cute costume idea too! I loved John's shirt. I'm so glad Audrey's outfit was so appropriate...Bev didn't want to tell me what Audrey wore when I asked the next day. Thanks for letting her tag along!

Julia Loves David said...

Amy - My family loved seeing her and she was just so amused with all of the people walking around. She was so cute and snug while taking it all in.

Kellie said...

Your little braid bands are SOOO cute! I love them! Jackie is SO pretty! I LOVE her make-up! And my heart was just ACHING with love when I saw CUTE little Audrey in her comphy pj's in that adorable little car!!!! LOVE it all!

Sarah W. said...

Hi! Sorry that I missed out. You guys look so cute. Looks like everyone was having a good time. So glad that Mom and Audrey were able to join in the fun. xo