Tuesday, October 7, 2008

David, Julia and the Dinosaurs

We walked with Dinosaurs! Having only a few channels has its drawbacks - before you know it you are watching too much PBS. Then the impossible happens when you suddenly find yourself attending an event they have advertised - ha I think David lost interest when the fruit of the loom flowers started blooming on stage, but I kind of liked them.

Here is the Utahraptor - I guess these little guys were really smart

I think if anyone goes, make sure you take kids. Remember the dinos look cool on TV because they can walk, but they still have a support structure under them. If you get low seats then you probably won't see the gear. Other than that it was just fun going to something different. (This video reminds me of old horror films)

All of this writing makes me think of this


Sarah W. said...

Hi. It looked like fun to me. Reminds me of that series of movies in the 90's, can't think of the name. xo

Kellie said...

haha, it reminds ME of Clifford, that movie with Martin Short! How FUN!! You and David do the most fun and cool things!!

Julia Loves David said...

Hey you two - thanks for always checking my blog and leaving uplifting comments.

Rick and Angelia said...

Awesome! I want to see that when it comes to Salt Lake! How fun!