Sunday, October 26, 2008

Snakes & Lizards

We were at our friends the Bagley's last night for a scary movie. They happen to have many amazing exotic lizard pets and are pretty much experts when it comes to any creature with scales. So the movie we watched was scary, but it was also kind of scary when Kyle placed the giant snake on us. To be honest I kind of liked it as it slithered around, but I'm still really afraid of its face.

This yellow snake is so soft
Here is Charles the lizard (if I'm remembering his name right)- this little guy kept nuzzling up to David.

Then a little more nuzzle behind the ears. What is funny is David looks like he is loving it, maybe he needs a pet!


Sarah W. said...

I swear, you two are crazy. Livin on the edge!!! Julie you continue to amaze me, in a good way! Super cool! Not many people can say that they were watching a scary movie with a super scary snake in their lap!!!
Love you two! See you for pumpkins and dinner. xoxo

Trena said...

You guys are brave!!

Shelby said...

That snake is HUGE! I have always wanted to hold one. I could totally understand the creepiness

Amy & Kyle said...

SHUT UP! SHUT UP! You two are outta controoooool !!!!! HOOOOLY smokes! I'm dyin over here. David looks so funny cuddling with that lizard...soooo david!!!

I'm loving your little indian shoes...I'm sure David just loooooves is when you wear those!

You guys are so cute!

Amy & Kyle said...

ps. We're going to the pumpkin patch tomorrow night and we'd LOVE for you two to come and Jackie too!

I'll see you for sure on Wednesday! Looking forward to it!

Kellie said...

OH my goodness!!! I freaked when I saw that HUGE snake just chillin' with you guys on that couch!!!!!!